Great Day

What a great day yet again, We really enjoy getting out and I know I really do appreciate the company of my truly great fiance.

As always we get out and enjoy the good food most days we have off.
Went to the Auckland domain and into the Wintergardens to have a look around at all the plant life. Lovely place to be on a hot afternoon and better still with the one I love dearly.

Three Days Off

Had three days off this week due to the boss giving me another day off…..

We both have enjoyed it so much.
Been having our usual days out having some great food while out. Went to Pokeno cafe which we love the breakfast mainly the sausage breakfast and coffee, great just to relax with the one you love, good conversation and loved the drive thier and back. It’s always better doing this with someone you really get on with and just know we both appreciate each other.
Of course we have been to Carls junior they have great service and burgers.
20151007_115324--Copy- The shakes are amazing with the whipped cream too this was the apple flavour!
The Felton Mathew Carl’s Jr is the better of the ones we have been visiting of late. Great workers and they make the burgers fresh and with great satisfaction.
Enjoyed a relaxing day yesterday doing a few chorus but it’s wellworth it while I’m spending time with my amazing partner.
Thank you Julie for making my days off amazing.


I have a Samsung Note 4 I downloaded a free maps app called Waze. This is a great mapping app I like it far better than the default maps app. You make a login once done you can start using the app. It lets you chat with other using in real time. Also lets you add where road closures are, Police, delays etc. Alerts you on your travels if it’s going to take some time speed alerts camera alerts and so on. A great little app and well worth it if you use a GPS etc.

google Apple


Out and About

Started off being our Sunday evening usual…. Off to a takeaway that is just amazing, It’s called Charcoal Burger in Meadowbank don’t let the name fool you as this is a great place to get a great meal, Well worth going if your in this area the staff are very friendly and seen we are regulars they remember what we order every time you don’t get that type of service much these days. have a look at their website.

Wednesday we didn’t do much just done the usual choirs around the home. Out and about a little and went around the bays for a evening drive was great to spend time with my partner and enjoy the night life, it is a pain though when you see the young ones hanging around being a pain but was easy to ignore them.
Thursday we went for a drive south which was nice as the day was OK weather wise. Not much done this day but enjoyed the rest ready for work on Friday.

Windows 10 OS

So Microsoft have yet again updated and upgraded yet another version of windows…

I wasn’t going to but then as always I decide to bite the bullet and install Windows 10.
I didn’t bother waiting for Windows to inform me it’s ready to download after registering my interest. I was too keen to see what it’s all about so I downloaded it directly and firstly I decided to upgrade my previous windows. Windows 7 onmy main computer and Windows 8 on my laptop.
The laptop was first in line for the update, all went smooth and the update was fairly fast without any problems at first.
Soon after I found the mouse pad wouldn’t stay enabled as Ihad to use the external mouse which Iusually do anyway, still it was a pain to say the least. The tiles are smaller than the windows 8 OS however found how to spread it to the whole screen, must say I found it better smaller so changed it soon after.
Now I am far more familar with Windows 7 so this was strange as the laptop came with Windows 8 however I have only had it for a couple of weeks.
All in all I enjoy Windows 10 and having no problems with it on the laptop since I reinstalled a fresh copy without the previous version of Windows 8.
I have also installed this onmy main computer againa fresh copy previous version was Windows 7, Have found the OS to be good with a fast internet connection so far although I have got issues with the start menu not being accessable at times as it freezes just an easy reboot to fix but it is a pain. This computer is on 24/7 so doesn’t get a break. Allsoftware appears to be working although my weather software didn’t at first until I installed the fresh copy with out the Windows 7 installed.
Will keep you posted as to how its going.
Has anyone else installed Windows 10? If so what do you think?

Fish n Chips – Achillies Point

Thursday the partner and I decided to head out for a drive around the bays of Auckland.

We decided to get a bite to eat and found ourselves once again at Kohi Fish and Chips takeaways this has to be one of the better Takeaways just off the main road around the bays, It’s cheaper and certainly the fish & Chips are great tasting. You can find them at 41 Melanesia Road, Kohimarama.
We drove to the shore and sat with our fish & chips watching the world go by and enjoying both the lunch and scenery, Better still I had great company.
We headed off further up the coast through St Heliers and onto Ladies Bay where we stopped at the Achillies Point look out.
Here they have information around the battle of the river plate against the German battleship the Graf Spee in 1939 against HMNZS Achilles from New Zealand it so happens my Grandfather was on the Achillies at the time of the battle.
It was a great day and as always we enjoy ourselves. The coast here is very popular and lots of eateries to choose from.


A little about myself as things have changed.
Have been interested in Ham radio for a number of years operating at the moment just on UHF VHF however I do have HF capability’s but due to antenna restrictions it is hard to get on these bands at the moment.
Have a vertical for the HF bands however my area is not the best for transmission.
Have a wonderful partner that I share my life with and we recently got engaged. No my partner isn’t into radio although she does supports what I do. A breath of fresh air from the last I had.
I hope to get active again on HF soon. I have said this before however I’m keen to get back into it.
I monitor the National System from work these days which is good as some days are slow.