It’s Final

Finally, it’s happened

My Divorce came through
It’s official 16th January 2016 it’s ended the 22yrs of ……………
Now it’s a countdown to my marriage to Julie.
Can’t wait as we have a date and everything sorted!
Going away too!
I love you as over a two-year wait has been worth every penny spent on getting the divorce, thank you for being here.
Lots of love honey.

Great Drive Around The Coast

Today we decided to go for a small drive… well maybe a little bigger than usual although I love driving when you have great company and great views and of course great weather..
Headed to Bucklands beach and found it to be busy with lots of people on the beach relaxing and fishing, full tide so it was really a treat and we found the fresh air amazing and a great start for the day.
Decided on the way back why not go to Orewa for a ice cream 🙂
Not so as the motorway was crazy so we decided to head south to our favourite spot for a bite to eat. Pokeno!
Had a bite to eat and decided due to the weather and just a relaxing day why not head east to the coast which we did and ended up at Kawakawa bay for an ice cream instead.
Was a fantastic drive with lovely company and really nice views!
This is the drive we done!

Back Up And Running

Had a problem with the site and lost the lot….Review Android Smartphone

Luckily I had a backup on my computer so with some minor adjustments here I am back up and running 🙂
Although I have lost all peoples comments sorry :o(
Update – Managed to get all the comments back :o)
Thank you to my darling for being so understanding when I’m working on things.


So it’s finally 2016Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

At first I thought big deal, so what, who really cares!
Thinking about it now I realise I should care, it is a BIG deal.
It will be the year of my BIGGEST day ever, the day I have been waiting for since I arrived on this earth but just didn’t even know about it, I didn’t realise I was going to meet, find, adore, fall in love – true love that is.
Now I know, I have finally woken to the idea that you can let go, trust, share goals, become as one.
There is a special person in my life.
I just need to let go and accept she loves me for who I am and who I have become. I need to let her in more, I need to care and look after this person I dearly love.
Soon we will become husband and wife
You are a better person than I, I appreciate you and I need to treat you how you deserve.
I promise to be a better person, I promise to be there for you and better understand our love.

Soon To Be

To my wife to be (Julie) You are my life you truly are very special to me Darling.

I love being with you and I love us being the way we are towards each other.
True love.
These are for you my love.
Soon to be my bride, I’m so proud of you Julie.

Christmas Day

Spent a few hours at Mum’s with the sister and brother n law. Great time had, good food and good company.

Good to see everyone.
Better that I had the one person I love and want to be with (Julie)
I have enjoyed the day with you Julie as always but today has been yet another Christmas together, I love it and I look forward to many more to come.
Looking forward to spending the night together too!
Lot’s of love to you Julie.
Thanks to all those for the Christmas gift’s.

Birthday Celebrations

It was my Darlings birthday today so we decided to spend a few hours at the zoo.

Great time had and enjoyed spending my last day of holidays with my very special person Julie.
Julie your an amazing woman you really are, I so enjoy our days off and the hours me spend together.
Happy Birthday Darling!
After the zoo we went to our favorite……Denny’s for lunch and of course great company.
Tonight we will enjoy whatever comes along!


Well what a day.

Woke up to a lovely fiancee.
Off to the sister and brother n laws for breakfast and a quick hide of a cache!
It’s somewhere on this
After the visit got home and waited for my fiancee to return from work.
My darling ended up taking me out to dinner which was very nice honey, thank you.
Returned home and enjoyed a nice night together.
Oh seen our days are so close together we had received this cake from Mum. 🙂 on Thursday of last week.

Big J’s Takeaways

Had last Friday off together we had things to do however we decided to try out a new takeaway shop just up the road so not far from home.

It’s called Big J’s Takeaways they apparently are famous for the burgers however the small write up on my phone app also stated the chips and fish are great.
Went to our appointment (Thank you honey) and then off to Big J’s as it was on the way west.
It’s in Mt Wellington on Melton Road, We pulled up and thought small and out of the way. Got in and ordered just Fish & Chips.
As we were waiting there was a stream of people coming and ordering others waiting the place got busy, good sign we thought…..
Got our order friendly service. Went to One tree Hill Domain (or is that no tree hill) parked up and opened our meal. We ordered two scoops of chips and to be honest it was lot’s…. BUT they looked and tasted great, the fish was the same fantastic!
We will be back to try the burgers!
The meal was 10 out of 10 highly recommend going to the place if you’re in the area. Well priced and you get a good amount too.
You can no doubt tell we enjoy going out for a good meal. One thing we have always wanted to find is a good old NZ Fish & Chip business that not only gives you value for money but is friendly and tastes great. Big J’s has it all!
After our meal we went out west to visit family and returned home to settle in for the evening together.
I’m a lucky guy having the greatest woman by my side we are fantastic!