Windows Ten

I have been running Windows 10 on both the Desktop and Laptop.Watch The Channel (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

My concern with the laptop is that my DVD/CD drive isn’t anywhere to be seen… I ended up going back to the Windows 8 system as this was on the laptop when I purchased it and of course the DVD/CD drive works, this is an external drive.
I decided not to give up and I have finally found a fix!
Just uninstall the driver in device drivers, reboot and install the driver again and you’re in business.
This has taken some time to sort but happy as now. I enjoy Windows 10 and have found it great.
Another concern on the Desktop is if you leave the computer going after a while you can’t get the start menu up and running and you need to right click on the menu and restart to fix this, It’s a pain as I prefer the system running 24/7 due to having a weather station going.
it’s been sometime but hopefully will find a fix.
Over all Windows 10 seems to be the system so far to use. (for us at least)

Back Up And Running

Had a problem with the site and lost the lot….Review Android Smartphone

Luckily I had a backup on my computer so with some minor adjustments here I am back up and running 🙂
Although I have lost all peoples comments sorry :o(
Update – Managed to get all the comments back :o)
Thank you to my darling for being so understanding when I’m working on things.


I have a Samsung Note 4 I downloaded a free maps app called Waze. This is a great mapping app I like it far better than the default maps app. You make a login once done you can start using the app. It lets you chat with other using in real time. Also lets you add where road closures are, Police, delays etc. Alerts you on your travels if it’s going to take some time speed alerts camera alerts and so on. A great little app and well worth it if you use a GPS etc.

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