Getting Close

Been busy the past week or so getting ready for the big day…

We have both been spending quality time together and been to Denny’s for dinner which enjoyed very much as the size of the meal was fantastic. So many pieces of fish, really well worth going and of course better still I had my wonderful fianc’e.
Been having our Middle Eastern meals as well although we have been thinking of finding another as these guys are getting a little slack lately.
Time is a ticking and the Big day will be here soon! Can’t wait!

Great Drive Around The Coast

Today we decided to go for a small drive… well maybe a little bigger than usual although I love driving when you have great company and great views and of course great weather..
Headed to Bucklands beach and found it to be busy with lots of people on the beach relaxing and fishing, full tide so it was really a treat and we found the fresh air amazing and a great start for the day.
Decided on the way back why not go to Orewa for a ice cream 🙂
Not so as the motorway was crazy so we decided to head south to our favourite spot for a bite to eat. Pokeno!
Had a bite to eat and decided due to the weather and just a relaxing day why not head east to the coast which we did and ended up at Kawakawa bay for an ice cream instead.
Was a fantastic drive with lovely company and really nice views!
This is the drive we done!