Honeymoon Day Four

Last day at Tairua so up fairly early and we had already decided to head north to Hotwater Beach and via Coromandel to head home (Auckland)

Got to Hotwater beach and found a few already out and about although it looked like they all stayed the night.
Lovely beach however it was just a stop to have a quick look.
Off to Whitianga and we stopped to look at the local area for a short break and to stretch legs etc, Great drive around the shoreline was good views and a rather big town as we had thought it would be a small place but considering it had Countdown, New World, The Warehouse etc it was very good.
Heading through the Cormandel forest and ended up again traveling in places along the shore with great views stopping on occasion having a break and taking pictures along the way with a small stop at Coromandel.
Again some breath taking views along the way and great driving even though the roads had been winding around some sharp corners all in all really nice day though.
Ended up driving to Thames and had a break with lunch at a cafe with a great coffee as always 🙂
The trip was a good trip travelling 270k’s all up and arriving back home in 6 hours from start, we took it easy and stopped at times for breaks and enjoying the scenery.
We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the time away and hope to do it again in the future. I will post a summary of the complete trip from our honeymoon soon with added pictures.
Overall travel…..

Honeymoon Day Three

We decided to get up and out before we were pushed out the door by the cleaner 🙂

Headed off firstly to the popular surfing area and spot of the Beach Hop – Whangamata!
We decided to get out and walk the main street and ended up in the local information centre oh no we thought as we ended up being hounded by a guy from England that worked here telling us all about the local area. Nice guy but really over the top.
We ended up going to a local cafe that he recommended which was by the local surf club and almost on the beach.
$42.00 for lunch and I was expecting something great however I was disappointed although Julie’s was good 🙂
After looking around we decided to head on back however found the sign to Waihi so turned around and headed off to this area. To be honest a great drive lots of winding roads road works but good scenery however once we got to where we were going it was a bit of a let down as not alot to look at and we figured the beach would be just like any other 🙂
We however did go to the local mine tours for a pit stop and break after getting some fuel!
All in all a great drive all up and of course great time together as always.
Got back to the motel for a well deserved rest and done some local looking around and of course photos.
Selfie’s to follow. 🙂

Honeymoon Day Two

Today we got up after the lovely cleaning lady decided to give us the hurry along at 10:30am stating it’s the end of the cleaning for the day so if we want our unit serviced we needed to vacate sooner rather than later, the information book states servicing of the units are from 10:00 till 1pm so what gives there we thought….

Off for a drive we thought, 1st stop, a hop to Pauanui across the bay however we drove 🙂
It’s nice but not a lot going on however a pleasant drive all the same, while here we had been hungry however things aren’t always open…..
Off to Thames we figure…. Was a good drive and enjoyed the scenery too…. ended up at Subway and we both enjoyed the food, best I have had to date! Had a look around good to see but we must be used to the BIG smoke!
By this time we decided what the hell we are on holidays so ended up going to Paeroa and of course had to take a picture of the L&P bottle 🙂
By this time we thought it’s been a good drive and the weather has been great. Ended up driving back to the unit for dinner 🙂 both had a fantastic burger and chips…. yummie!!
Above is the over all travel, really enjoyed the day 🙂 Tomorrow we are going South and North so watch this space…
Will also upload photo’s at a later date.