Day off driving

In the last week we have been busy going out to dinner yes of course Denny’s just because we can and we enjoy it so much.

Went out and about for a drive to the elite area of the coast… Can you guess where as the street has recently been on TV….

Enjoyed the views and the houses here!

20160830_123510 (Copy)

Another view of the Auckland harbour

20160830_123420 (Copy)

Oh and of course we headed west and found ourselves having a bite to eat and a coffee!

20160830_145810 Enjoyed as always 🙂

Carl’s Jr

Firstly as it was a Sunday we always have takeaways, as a rule we always used to have Middle Eastern from our favorite place called Charcoal Grill however these days we are always looking for something closer and yummy we don’t mind paying for a decent meal so we were happy when a new place opened just around the corner… Time to taste the usual things we get from the Middle Eastern takeaways……

Oh dear my Chicken on Rice did not go down well at all and to be honest I threw it out, I hate waste so for me to do this must mean it was not a good meal, Julie’s however was all good 🙂

Julie suggested we go to Carl’s Jr and I was glad in the end she suggested it as the burger chips and Fries as always was a good meal. Enjoyed the sit down and the drive so in saying that I will be looking forward to my days off this week 🙂 Spending time with my lovely wife is always a treat and something to look forward too.

Meal Out

Tonight we decided it was time to go to Denny’s for dinner.

Have to say we enjoyed it as always, the service was fantastic and the meal was great.
Thank you to my darling wife for the shout! Loved it.
Glad you have the next two mornings at home too91
Home sweet home.


We decided to go for a drive to return our DVD’s tonight

The drive as always was good and enjoyed it as usual
We thought why not get a bite to eat while out and about!
Couldn’t decide until we were within 500 meters from home and thought why not try the new joint… Julie pulled in and we decided on the Zambrero joint…
Black rice was one of the selections so we decided to give it a try, never heard of black rice before myself but to be honest it was great.
Will be back, pleasant friendly staff.
8 degrees outside at the moment at 20:00hrs… Winter is here for sureTurtle-Stuck-on-Back


It’s been some time since posting anything lately.
Busy with lots of different things changing.
However, we have of course been tasting the local cafe’s restaurants etc as always.
The latest has been Jamaica Blue which is a cafe in the new west Auckland shopping complex.
 Hamburger (Chicken) and the Lasagna with coffee’s! Fantastic, really enjoyed the meal and coffee’s and of course the company as always.


Not much happening apart from the usual work and life excitement.

Been spending time at home which I prefer.
We go for our usual drives along the bays at times and enjoy our looks at Sylvia Park shops.
Due to the evenings getting cooler we decided to have a great home cooked meal the other night….
Fantastic value and tasted great.
Love the cheese sauce myself and all the veg!
Days are getting cooler too which we prefer too.
Till next time enjoy the cooler weather people….