Qnap Server

Have finally done the finishing touches on the new server I have setup for movies and website. All working well just a few more things to sort and it will be all go although the movie side is finished.

Using Plex for the software to run along side the server for movies etc. The software is great and works very well 😀 All in all fairly easy to sort out which is great.The remote makes this unit very easy to navigate around when looking for Movies, Music etc 🙂


Came to work this morning and I have a white board in the entrance to my office however I had these visitors the other weekend that dropped in for a chat and coffee. This morning however I noticed a message from them…… Shows how relaxed I am these days and don’t notice too much! 😀

It’s A New Year

So 2017 is here and we all have a little time off I gather so what are you all up to? We decided to go for a drive to the shore nice drive to Devonport  via the coast, Mission bay etc. Julie drove so it was nice to relax as a passenger 😀City of Auckland in the foreground.

guess where this fish is and guess what is here hidden?

Ended up at Glenfield mall for a bite to eat which we enjoyed. We had both been amazed at this tree as it has all sorts of life on it 😀 Don’t see these in West or South Auckland! 

both enjoyed the drive and walk around Devonport and the mall, great to get out this side of the city as we hadn’t been here in sometime, the cafes at Devonport had been very busy people everywhere hence why we ended up in the mall as this was far better with less people around 🙂

Thank you Julie for the drive 🙂