Meal Out

Tonight we decided it was time to go to Denny’s for dinner.

Have to say we enjoyed it as always, the service was fantastic and the meal was great.
Thank you to my darling wife for the shout! Loved it.
Glad you have the next two mornings at home too91
Home sweet home.


We decided to go for a drive to return our DVD’s tonight

The drive as always was good and enjoyed it as usual
We thought why not get a bite to eat while out and about!
Couldn’t decide until we were within 500 meters from home and thought why not try the new joint… Julie pulled in and we decided on the Zambrero joint…
Black rice was one of the selections so we decided to give it a try, never heard of black rice before myself but to be honest it was great.
Will be back, pleasant friendly staff.
8 degrees outside at the moment at 20:00hrs… Winter is here for sureTurtle-Stuck-on-Back


It’s been some time since posting anything lately.
Busy with lots of different things changing.
However, we have of course been tasting the local cafe’s restaurants etc as always.
The latest has been Jamaica Blue which is a cafe in the new west Auckland shopping complex.
 Hamburger (Chicken) and the Lasagna with coffee’s! Fantastic, really enjoyed the meal and coffee’s and of course the company as always.


Not much happening apart from the usual work and life excitement.

Been spending time at home which I prefer.
We go for our usual drives along the bays at times and enjoy our looks at Sylvia Park shops.
Due to the evenings getting cooler we decided to have a great home cooked meal the other night….
Fantastic value and tasted great.
Love the cheese sauce myself and all the veg!
Days are getting cooler too which we prefer too.
Till next time enjoy the cooler weather people….


Happy Easter Everyone!

Hope your all enjoying it so far, I am as we have stayed home so far as I don’t want to venture out due to no idea if I have a job next week…. Nothing worse when you have no idea of what’s going on in that respect. My last job was the same when over a long weekend it was all doom although we had a heads up on that one.
Anyway we have basically stayed home watching movies most of the time which has been great. Getting some computer work done and other bits and pieces.
Weather has been a mixed bag though, mind you we love the cloud and rain…..
Work tomorrow and Sunday off then back again Monday although Wed Thur and Friday off. Each day as it comes I guess.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend people.

Not A lot Happening

We have not been up to much lately.

Went to our favourite restaurant the other night and had a lovely dinner. Have to say the staff were great at the beginning but it went downhill quickly as plates were left and I was rushed to finish my meal….
The food was great though. Endless coffee which we enjoyed and the dessert even better.
Looking forward to Easter weekend although not a lot happening so will be mostly reading hopefully.


So it’s finally 2016Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

At first I thought big deal, so what, who really cares!
Thinking about it now I realise I should care, it is a BIG deal.
It will be the year of my BIGGEST day ever, the day I have been waiting for since I arrived on this earth but just didn’t even know about it, I didn’t realise I was going to meet, find, adore, fall in love – true love that is.
Now I know, I have finally woken to the idea that you can let go, trust, share goals, become as one.
There is a special person in my life.
I just need to let go and accept she loves me for who I am and who I have become. I need to let her in more, I need to care and look after this person I dearly love.
Soon we will become husband and wife
You are a better person than I, I appreciate you and I need to treat you how you deserve.
I promise to be a better person, I promise to be there for you and better understand our love.