Sunday Drive

Went for a drive around some beach’s today and through Howick.

Nice drive and enjoyed the great weather, far too hot too stay at home today πŸ™‚

Great Day

Thank you to my wifeΒ  for the great day on the 28th of November.Β  Enjoyed my day with you πŸ™‚

Thanks also to my niece and BrotherΒ  for the birthday wishes πŸ˜€

Great day had and a lovely lunch at Denny’s!


We decided to purchase a set if salt and pepper shakers, the good part is it was no cost to us. Early Christmas present to us πŸŽ„πŸŽ


So we decided to go for breakfast at the new Mt Wellington Mc Donalds…..

Flagged it when there was far too many people there and the parking was crap. Decided to go to Lunn ave Mc Donalds but got to counter and a new guy was on and hadn’t a clue what was going on, walked out and drive to the Greenlane Mc Donalds and ended up having something there, coffee was the highlight and the drive and chat was the best. Thank you Julie for the company ❀

Early start as usual

We are up early most mornings as I start at between 0530 – 0600 thank you to my wonderful wife as she gets up with me and makes sure I have everything for the day including taking me to the train station. Two 12 hour shifts and a 10 hour shift so full on work.

Good thing is I’m still losing weight 😊 mind you much more weight loss and I will be all skin and bone!

This I thought was a neat picture I captured while going for my early morning coffee at Bah bah black sheep cafe. Great β˜• at this cafe so worth dropping in if your around during the week 😁

The Reef

Watched the reef this arvo! Second time for me although I had forgotten most of it!

Great movie, enjoyed it and was a true story which is always a bonus.

Always enjoy watching movies with the lovely wife πŸ™‚


Great views while at work. Love the days from here always different things to look at from this view point and with the harbour so close it’s nice seeing the the water traffic too. πŸ­πŸš£β›΅β›΄βš“



New Toy

Have been playing around with my new toy, 360 camera, first result!

Out West

Went for a drive out to Piha today, West Auckland. Great drive and enjoyed the scenery πŸ˜πŸ–’πŸš—