Welcome – About

A little about myself and what I’m all about.
Location: Auckland, New Zealand.
I have not been active for sometime however starting to re – gain interest again 🙂
Have a mobile in the vehicle and another in the house along with a multiband base rig.
0897 Base Unit
2730 Mobile Operations
Have just ordered a multiband HF antenna, vertical as my yard is small so it should suit my needs. 10 mtrs through 80mtrs
I prefer the HF bands always have although I do at times get on VHF UHF, Starting to monitor these local bands now.
Gained my licence many years ago while living in Wanganui but moved up to Auckland due to work around 2001.
Since I have received the MFJ-993B antenna tuner along with interface cable for the Yaesu FT-897D radio. using the HF-360 fibre glass vertical antenna for 10 to 80 meters.
07/03/2016 – Married today to a wonderful woman (Julie) We have been waiting for this day and was the best day.
Went to the Coromandel for our honeymoon, you can read all about it in the following pages.
I would just like to add a few links that I believe are justified, I say that because I usually don’t do this however since meeting this young girl I believe the family need help – they deserve it. Please have a look and donate if you possibly can. It will be gratefully received.
Lily-Grace is an amazing little girl and a pleasure to know the family.
If your wanting to post comments on the blog just email me and I will give you access.
We love watching a good movie while at home and at times we go to the movies which is great.. Here is a link to our movie list 🙂