Movie week we had……. Three movies had been watched. The Purge the first of the Purge movies, Great movie really enjoyed it although what the movie was based on was certainly somethinhg you wouldn’t want apoart from that it was a well worth movie to watch 

Following the Purge was the next called The Purge: Anarchy (2014) sequel,  I enjoyed this one better I think from the three again based on the 12 hour Purge, I don’t want too say anything as you may want to view these so spoilers won’t be good here 🙂 

The last of the sequels are The Purge: Election Year (2016) this again was great to watch and followed the same basis even though they are sequels they had been well worth watching 🙂 In 2018 they are looking to bring the fourth out so will be keen to watch this also. All movies have the usual blood and guts for a horror movie so if your not into that don’t watch them 😀

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  1. These movies are effective escapism and I just look away when it gets too gruesome.
    Good job they aren’t real – I have a list – anyone who annoys my husband is on it!!

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