Long Weekend Trip

Hamilton was the place to go to this trip, had booked a motel for a couple of nights months ago so thought it was time to escape Auckland for the long weekend (Auckland Anniversary) was the long weekend although when at Hamilton we found they too was having the Monday off!

We decided for a break and to also have a look and costings with rents etc and found these to be great. It was good just to have a look at the local area and see just whats out there apart from Auckland. Went to the Hamilton Gardens and spend two hours looking around here which turned out to be nice although once arriving we went to the cafe and ordered breakfast….. In the cabinet we noticed a cup cake with a dead fly in it 🙁 Thank goodness we weren’t having that!The gardens were great walking around and just taking our time looking in the heat of the day 🙂

Oh I almost forgot this was our meal at the Hamilton classic car museum this place is great for meals and the cost is reasonable 🙂 🙂The good thing for us was we worked Sunday and left after work for Hamilton and returned on the Tuesday that way everyone was already back from the Monday long weekend and we had little traffic 😀

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