Dinner Time

Hope you all had a good Christmas.

We decided to go south and have some takeaways at Papakura on boxing day however it was closed 🙁 never mind we thought….. Let’s head to Karaka as there is a good fish n chip shop to have some nice takeaways! not so as they had been closed… Never fair Kingseat takeaways is just down the road we will go to that shop….. not bloody so as that was closed… Okay that’s all good as we are on holidays and we will just drive until we find something, mind you I suggested a takeaways shop at Waiuku…. Traveled to this and yep you guessed it closed! In the main street we found a place booming with business, I wonder why…. We ordered and went to a place I used to have a cache hiding and ate there, it was nice.

Headed off and on the way back we went to Glenbrook for a drive and stretched our legs!

 enjoyed the drive and of course the company 🙂

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  1. A long way to go for dinner but we are fortunate not to have any annoying commitments to tie us down 🙂
    Always enjoy my husband’s company & the scenery.
    So pleased that we only have to think of each other :)))

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