Birthdays and Outings

In the past week or so we have both celebrated our birthdays which meant we went to Denny’s for a meal each which was good.

Went for a drive to Clarke’s beach and outer suburb’s which made for an enjoyable day 20161206_143601


Also went for a visit to MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology) we both hadn’t been here for many years, Nice to walk around in and we enjoyed looking at the older style houses and what they lived in and some of the utilities they used. Nothing much else really tickled our fancy to be honest. However we did enjoy the day 🙂





Waitakere is out west and yes we are both Westies from way back 😀


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  1. A fun week celebrating our birthdays!
    Enjoyed MOTAT but agree, there’s not a lot there really.
    Having visited theme parks in LA, I’m always surprised at what Auckland has to offer & the ridiculous entry prices .
    That said, I always enjoy being with my husband of nine months and don’t mind what we do.
    We always have fun babe.

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