Days off

So it was a long weekend and due to the both of us having a day or two off we decided to head up to Orewa not before heading to the sisters for a visit and scones, payment for sorting internet service and Narida didn’t hold back with great food and company was good to catch up with others also and Lez for a short time.

ak-waimaukuDidn’t take long considering the time of day 47 minutes! Just over a two hour visit so was well worth the travel.

Headed onto Orewa as I needed to have some medication in a fridge before too long……


Another quick trip (45 minutes) considering we went the long way but was a good drive so we didn’t mind too much 🙂


Stayed at Orewa Beachcomber which was very nice, clean and getting renovated at the moment so parking was limited, the only thing we really didn’t like was the two chairs in the lounge room and the lack of a couch apart from that friendly and relaxing to say the least.

Just a couple of night’s to relax and enjoy the not so great weather however the area as always was good to recharge our batteries! Had some great food and enjoyed each others company 😀 Next time we may go further north..

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