Mercer Visit

So we slept in (day off) 😀 and we thought why not go to Mercer, to the local cafe as I was talking with a customer at work and he suggested if we like a good cafe meal go here as it’s great food.

We ended up getting to Mercer without too much traffic although the other side of the motorway had the NZ Police on it directing traffic! No such thing on the way back though:D

Ended up having the deluxe breakfast with the famous Pokeno bacon, egg, toast etc with coffee, and Julie had eggs benedict with bacon. The bacon was not cooked well at all, along with my eggs, it’s a pity we have lots of food outlets in Auckland and not cheap ones as this meal was almost $40.00 and yet it wasn’t the greatest we thought, each to their own I guess but we thought we really should have gone to Denny’s 🙂 The drive however was fun and of course the company was the best 🙂


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  1. The drive there was fun. The company was as well! Shame about the bacon, I like it crispy so should have told them!
    They weren’t busy but Denny’s always is!
    Prefer Denny’s, anyday.

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