Day Light Saving

So people it’s Day Light Saving as of today.. Hope you all had your clocks forward and you are looking forward to that extra light in the evenings 😀

It’s been raining here at Cheap Vehicles (work) most of the day and yet people still come in to look at vehicles, you know if people come in when its weather like this that they are serious in purchasing a vehicle.

Looking forward to dinner tonight.. Takeaways and it’s middle eastern night tonight which we enjoy when it’s good, it’s a nice drive too even in the wet.

Cleaned my car yesterday that was silly as it’s rained since! Mind you good exercise to be honest even though at the time I didn’t think that mind you it showed in the afternoon/evening with bsl checks of low! Haven’t had that for some time now so things are working well!

After today just one day left of work until I have my two days off 😀 the days go fairly fast for me now a days so glad of that as previous they seemed to go rather slow…… It will be nice to spend time home with my lovely wife 🙂

Has anyone seen the New Zealand movie called Hunt for the Wilderpeople

nz_movie_ We watched it last night however I fell asleep not sure that it was due to the movie however the wife had said it was an okay movie (I’m sure she will comment on it) 😀 I may have to watch it again when I’m more awake 🙂 We enjoy watching movies so you may see the odd one coming up from time to time.

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  1. Looking forward to our Middle Eastern as usual.
    Enjoyed the movie – NZ movies are a lot of fun with their references that only we as Kiwis understand.
    Almost made me want to read the book although I would imagine that Mr Crump’s books would generally be too blokey for me.
    Delighted that you finished work early today – always a bonus to spend more time with my lovely husband 🙂

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