Out for a drive

Went for a drive the other week as we decided to check on some caches and we ended up going for a drive through Kingseat the ex mental health hospital in Papakura. This place must have been amazing when first built, the grounds would have been amazing and well kept I would say…… Sadly though now a days there must be either people in the lower class area orindeed possible still some clients that are in the public health system and can only afford living in these grounds. The buildings are all in disrepair and in a state to say the least.

Took some pictures however to be honest they dont look as bad as being there, a couple of businesses operate from here that being Spookers and a Paint Ball business! Other than that the place looks run down….. Its a pity really as it would have been an amazing┬ákept place when the govertment had it.




Apart from the state of the place it was an interesting drive and as always we enjoyed it together ­čÖé

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  1. Was really interesting – a shame that it has been reduced to this.
    Would have been a well maintained facility back in the day.
    A reminder to be aware of those living here now who may be suffering with mental health issues and/or addiction problems.
    Probably not the most appropriate place to live but everyone to their own.

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