Ok so I’m going to have a bitch!

To be honest it’s been one of those days/weeks at work where if anyone does something it’s a big deal… this is no exception…..

There is a drive at our main yard where by all customers drive into the yard to park easy for people with brains…. right…. not so for this guy, parks right across the drive so no one else can get in and park to look for vehicles what’s that about? Really! is he that thick… Oh yes he is he’s one of those think guys with no brains and wears grass skirts in the weekends. Pisses me off when people are this ignorant and doesn’t give a flying !@#$$% about anyone else apart from himself oh and what’s he after…….. A vehicle but only has $3000 to spend, get a life and don’t come back.

There I had my rant for the day!


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