So yesterday the boss said come in late as I want you to go to the bank before you come to work… Bank opens at 9am Saturday so I had an extra one hour plus up my sleeve! I thought that was a great deal…

Slept in and a lovely breakfast with my wife and off I went to the bank, its the same bank as I bank with hence why he got me to deposit the funds into my own account….. Anyway I was the first in the line 🙂 Good stuff I thought.. Got to the teller and he asked what I wanted to do.. Withdraw please I stated, how much he asked, 21k please I said.. Oh sorry we can’t do that as you need to organise that amount in advance… Deep breath from me…..

At the end of the day after some threats of closing my personal account along with other accounts the guy went to see his manager and ended up agreeing to the withdrawal for me though this was a rather large and busy bank in a large and busy shopping complex so why is it in your own bank they don’t allow that amount as a rule to be withdrawn over the counter. I realise it is a large amount however I’m the one walking around with such a wad of money in my pocket which I have to say doesn’t in the least excite me however I rather do it here (Sylvia Park) than in Manurewa which is the usual place we have to withdraw large amounts.

Things just aren’t that easy these days even with modern technology with us at hand. Yes sure a cheque would be easy but who uses cheques these days?


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