Honeymoon Day Four

Last day at Tairua so up fairly early and we had already decided to head north to Hotwater Beach and via Coromandel to head home (Auckland)

Got to Hotwater beach and found a few already out and about although it looked like they all stayed the night.
Lovely beach however it was just a stop to have a quick look.
Off to Whitianga and we stopped to look at the local area for a short break and to stretch legs etc, Great drive around the shoreline was good views and a rather big town as we had thought it would be a small place but considering it had Countdown, New World, The Warehouse etc it was very good.
Heading through the Cormandel forest and ended up again traveling in places along the shore with great views stopping on occasion having a break and taking pictures along the way with a small stop at Coromandel.
Again some breath taking views along the way and great driving even though the roads had been winding around some sharp corners all in all really nice day though.
Ended up driving to Thames and had a break with lunch at a cafe with a great coffee as always 🙂
The trip was a good trip travelling 270k’s all up and arriving back home in 6 hours from start, we took it easy and stopped at times for breaks and enjoying the scenery.
We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the time away and hope to do it again in the future. I will post a summary of the complete trip from our honeymoon soon with added pictures.
Overall travel…..

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