Honeymoon Day Three

We decided to get up and out before we were pushed out the door by the cleaner 🙂

Headed off firstly to the popular surfing area and spot of the Beach Hop – Whangamata!
We decided to get out and walk the main street and ended up in the local information centre oh no we thought as we ended up being hounded by a guy from England that worked here telling us all about the local area. Nice guy but really over the top.
We ended up going to a local cafe that he recommended which was by the local surf club and almost on the beach.
$42.00 for lunch and I was expecting something great however I was disappointed although Julie’s was good 🙂
After looking around we decided to head on back however found the sign to Waihi so turned around and headed off to this area. To be honest a great drive lots of winding roads road works but good scenery however once we got to where we were going it was a bit of a let down as not alot to look at and we figured the beach would be just like any other 🙂
We however did go to the local mine tours for a pit stop and break after getting some fuel!
All in all a great drive all up and of course great time together as always.
Got back to the motel for a well deserved rest and done some local looking around and of course photos.
Selfie’s to follow. 🙂

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