Out and About

Started off being our Sunday evening usual…. Off to a takeaway that is just amazing, It’s called Charcoal Burger in Meadowbank don’t let the name fool you as this is a great place to get a great meal, Well worth going if your in this area the staff are very friendly and seen we are regulars they remember what we order every time you don’t get that type of service much these days. have a look at their website.

Wednesday we didn’t do much just done the usual choirs around the home. Out and about a little and went around the bays for a evening drive was great to spend time with my partner and enjoy the night life, it is a pain though when you see the young ones hanging around being a pain but was easy to ignore them.
Thursday we went for a drive south which was nice as the day was OK weather wise. Not much done this day but enjoyed the rest ready for work on Friday.

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