Mc Donalds

Yesterday we decided to go to Lunn Ave for a bite to eat and a coffee.

Off to Mc D’s for something different, was nice for a change although seemed to be busy mostly with staff hanging around…

20160817_130325 (Copy)

The Apple Pie was great and haven’t had one of these for so long 😀

Carl’s Jr

Firstly as it was a Sunday we always have takeaways, as a rule we always used to have Middle Eastern from our favorite place called Charcoal Grill however these days we are always looking for something closer and yummy we don’t mind paying for a decent meal so we were happy when a new place opened just around the corner… Time to taste the usual things we get from the Middle Eastern takeaways……

Oh dear my Chicken on Rice did not go down well at all and to be honest I threw it out, I hate waste so for me to do this must mean it was not a good meal, Julie’s however was all good 🙂

Julie suggested we go to Carl’s Jr and I was glad in the end she suggested it as the burger chips and Fries as always was a good meal. Enjoyed the sit down and the drive so in saying that I will be looking forward to my days off this week 🙂 Spending time with my lovely wife is always a treat and something to look forward too.


So yesterday the boss said come in late as I want you to go to the bank before you come to work… Bank opens at 9am Saturday so I had an extra one hour plus up my sleeve! I thought that was a great deal…

Slept in and a lovely breakfast with my wife and off I went to the bank, its the same bank as I bank with hence why he got me to deposit the funds into my own account….. Anyway I was the first in the line 🙂 Good stuff I thought.. Got to the teller and he asked what I wanted to do.. Withdraw please I stated, how much he asked, 21k please I said.. Oh sorry we can’t do that as you need to organise that amount in advance… Deep breath from me…..

At the end of the day after some threats of closing my personal account along with other accounts the guy went to see his manager and ended up agreeing to the withdrawal for me though this was a rather large and busy bank in a large and busy shopping complex so why is it in your own bank they don’t allow that amount as a rule to be withdrawn over the counter. I realise it is a large amount however I’m the one walking around with such a wad of money in my pocket which I have to say doesn’t in the least excite me however I rather do it here (Sylvia Park) than in Manurewa which is the usual place we have to withdraw large amounts.

Things just aren’t that easy these days even with modern technology with us at hand. Yes sure a cheque would be easy but who uses cheques these days?


Day Off

Both headed to Botany shopping centre, however went to Jaycar for a visit out that way. Nice store but don’t you hate it when the sales person asks if you need a hand but you say no thanks just looking… Oh but wait she hovers around us get’s in front of us while looking at items later she again comes over and shadows us what the hell is that about Jaycar……

Leave a couple alone unless we ask for help dammit!

Oh yeah and we went to Dennys for lunch!


All Sorted

Have had a change in the site.

Decided to get rid of the default page I had and just run a blog type site as updating the main page was a pain as I was more active on the blog page than any other.

Have been catching up with people I kicked around with in my younger years which has been good all through facebook so I guess Facebook can be useful at times 🙂

Very little activity on the radio to date although due to all the wx (weather) that has been wet you would think it would make for good radio time.

The wife and I have been out and about trying new food places and of course going to Denny’s which has always turned out to be a great place for food.

Till next time… Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

Meal Out

Tonight we decided it was time to go to Denny’s for dinner.

Have to say we enjoyed it as always, the service was fantastic and the meal was great.
Thank you to my darling wife for the shout! Loved it.
Glad you have the next two mornings at home too91
Home sweet home.


We decided to go for a drive to return our DVD’s tonight

The drive as always was good and enjoyed it as usual
We thought why not get a bite to eat while out and about!
Couldn’t decide until we were within 500 meters from home and thought why not try the new joint… Julie pulled in and we decided on the Zambrero joint…
Black rice was one of the selections so we decided to give it a try, never heard of black rice before myself but to be honest it was great.
Will be back, pleasant friendly staff.
8 degrees outside at the moment at 20:00hrs… Winter is here for sureTurtle-Stuck-on-Back


It’s been some time since posting anything lately.
Busy with lots of different things changing.
However, we have of course been tasting the local cafe’s restaurants etc as always.
The latest has been Jamaica Blue which is a cafe in the new west Auckland shopping complex.
 Hamburger (Chicken) and the Lasagna with coffee’s! Fantastic, really enjoyed the meal and coffee’s and of course the company as always.