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Welcome... My name is Glenn and I live in Auckland New Zealand. I enjoy Ham Radio talking around the world on HF, VHF and UHF.. Digital modes and Phone. Have been a Ham since early 90's mostly enjoying HF radio with the odd digital modes now I can't have HF antenna's up in my area.
Recently I have become interested in Airsoft. Great way to keep fit and get lots of exercise. A great bunch of people and an enjoyment when out in the field as a new player as people tend to help each other and have fun shooting each other!

    Ham Radio - AirSoft    

My setup when out in the field using digital, if need be when conditions are not the best. I generally use the FT-897D along with multi-band dipole and if need be a tuner however I usually don't use a tuner as the antenna is very well tuned to the bands I operate.

At times I also use a trapped vertical and find this to be, an advantage when I need to get on the air fast as setting up the vertical is fast and does multiple bands like the dipole.
What is Airsoft? Airsoft is a team game where participants eliminate each other’s team by shooting team members with plastic pellets shot with replica Airsoft guns, these can be pistols, rifles or many other weapons.
In New Zealand it is popular both having inside and outside games, I'm more of the outside team player as you get to try and outwit the opposing team.

   ASA Auckland    

Auckland New Zealand

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